Our aims
BES is a bilingual international school which aims to:
  • Blend and Balance Wisdom as well as Beauty and Culture of East and West.
  • Cultivate and Enlighten Self and Others, to Unify Knowledge and Action, to be Honest with Self and Others.
Our Ethos

Beijing Enlighten School is located in the central villa area and educational hub of Chaoyang District.

The school is adjacent to the Red Brick Art Museum and Ma Quan Ying subway station in the East, No.1 Art District in the West, Da Wang Jing District in the South, and Heli Habitat Wetland Forest Park North. Designed by well-known Chinese and foreign architectural designers, the school boasts an urban design that promotes innovation and sharing of learning experiences. This concept and school layout was chosen as representing an extraordinary combination of architecture, nature and urban life. Each learning space in the school is connected to a specific function to represent a new style of international school design. Moreover, rich are the educational resources included in our learning spaces and in the community surrounding the school. These include art exhibition spaces, sports facilities as well as green spaces to help to provide students with a diverse range of learning environments.

Approved by the Chaoyang District Education Committee of Beijing Municipality, Beijing Enlighten School is a bilingual international school that follows the requirements of the Chinese National Curriculum (CNC) within the international framework of the International Baccalaureate. The school is currently a candidate school for the Primary Years Program and the Middle Years Program within the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Our mission is to “cultivate thoughtful learners and caring global stewards”. We adhere to the cultural essence of seeking knowledge from nature while drawing on the educational concepts and practical achievements of China and the world. We work together with students and parents to create a learning community where Chinese and Western cultures coexist harmoniously, complementing and enhancing each other.

BES focuses on the cultivation of students’ practical abilities to create a meaningful and happy life, with special focus on Social Emotional Learning, Arts and Aesthetics in Education, and Digital Design.