Welcome to Beijing Enlighten school!

While this is a brand-new institution, it is also a depository of knowledge and wisdom. Most members of this school have decades of experience in the international education field.

Beautiful things are always happening with the same aspiration.

The original intention of establishing BES arises from our reflection on many education problems in the new global context. Our rapidly developing world is bedazzling. Yesterday’s scientific discoveries may well be pointed out to be wrong today. How can learners and educators find resolution among tensions and contradictions? This is the greatest challenge to educators of this day and age.

BES’s solution is to spark each student’s inner desire. At BES, we highlight the human aspect of learning.

Here, every learner is unique. We carefully find out the best side of each student, discover their talents, and provide guidance. We view talent not just as excellent performance on the report card but also as reflected in the means of identifying issues, the ability to solve problems, and the mentality of pursuing happiness. Every BES member will zealously care for students, pay attention to their internal needs, and help them grow and thrive.

If education in the past has placed too much emphasis on teaching and not others, then BES is a different case. We focus on every detail about our students, not just their grades. Our attention to detail comes from our passion for our student’s success in life.

As I always say, we are here to await for each learner to come and grow. At the end of the day, our students will bring us extraordinary outcomes.