Enlighten Middle School curriculum is based on a combination of Chinese national standards which will be infused into the IB MYP framework to provide a balance of western and eastern teaching practices. Subject groups will be taught by our dedicated and highly qualified staff collaboratively. These subjects groups are:

• Mathematics
• Integrated Science
• Language A
• Language B
• Arts (Music, Visual Arts, Drama)
• Physical Education
• Design
• Individuals and Societies
• Culture Experiential trips

As well as the subject groups mentioned above students will be able to selective elective course which will enable them to specialize in a number of passion areas. This may include sports programs, enhanced arts or other specialized courses.

These courses will encourage students to utilize their bilingual skills in order to experience interdisciplinary learning and project-based learning. This will develop their width and breadth of thinking, multicultural understanding and global engagement in order to inspire students to be intellectual creators and world harmonious development leaders.

By following the IB MYP students will become inquirers constantly questioning in order to gain a deeper understanding. They will become learners capable of being able to solves problems and take responsibility for their own learning. Students will be passionate and motivated developing their knowledge not only academically but will also develop the social and emotional skills in order to become lifelong learners. Our curriculum has been designed to be concept driven rather than content driven. We aim for our students to be multilingual and will leave our school prepared for further education.

Curriculum philosophy

  • Whole Child theory
  • Globalization theory
  • Constructivism theory
  • Higher-order thinking theory

Curriculum Design

  • Literature
  • Lanaguage acquisition
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Science
  • Individuals and Societies
  • Design
  • Arts(Music, Drama, Visual Arts)
  • Physical Education

Five focuses

  • Focusing on the development of physical and mental harmony
  • Focusing on Internal drive and future planning
  • Focusing on subject accomplishment improvement and higher-order thinking development
  • Focusing on cultural inheritance and international understanding
  • Focusing on diversified, overall process, comprehensive evaluation