Bilingual Co-teaching Between Chinese and International Teachers

BES employs a collaborative teaching model with our team of Chinese and international teachers. They are equally responsible in the joint implementation of the co-teaching model. Together, all teachers set the teaching objectives and subject matter, as well as develop the units of inquiry. To provide students with an effective learning environment, teachers draw on best practices and their own wealth of personal experience to come up with a solid teaching plan, while implementing with flexibility and customization.

Teaching and Learning Through Library

The Library Program is one of the highlights the Beijing Enlighten School. As the core of IB Education, the library program also:Integrates the reading competency and literacy standards which the National Curriculum sets out; this, along with referencing the AASL Library curriculum, cultivates students’ sustainability in learning.

Focuses on information literacy courses while lending ideas from the Theory of Knowledge to equip students to analyze, screen, utilize and present information in an appropriate manner. Concentrates on cultivating students’ IB Approach to Learning, especially Research Skills, in close collaboration with trans-disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching and learning.

Cultivates student awareness and competency of Academic Integrity, including a positive attitude and compliance with respect to copyright and authorship. Promotes world cultures and literature by drawing on various community resources, leading students to learn in an expanded field of vision, offering them opportunities to connect and create together in this multi-cultural feast.

Eco-reading Program

The Essence of reading is about turning it into meaningful learning. BES’s “Organic Reading” program eliminates the traditional education model’s passive approach, and innovates from a variety of aspects, including the reading environment, method, content, participation, and assessment.

Placing an emphasis on interest and cognition, teachers guide students’ reading activities based on different developmental stages for the students.

Content classification. Categorizing reading material into 12 different levels, based on social-emotional development, cognitive and perceptive abilities, and language and reading sills, for students to select on their own.

Strategic and individualized guidance helps students to master scientific reading methods and pay attention to the development of reading abilities, in order to realize the actual furtherance of the students’ reading skills.

Chinese Culture

BES’s Chinese culture education fully embraces the values of “self-discipline”, “doing-good”, and “mind-body integration”, providing a strong foundation for students in Chinese culture. The school selects from the vast database of traditional culture subject matter, which closely connects them with society and are of interest to the students. The program emphasizes experiential, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary learning. Exploration is conducted from four aspects: cultural heritage; personal etiquette; cognitive development; and values development. Through this developmental process, students deeply engage with Chinese culture, learning to be inclusive, happy, and responsible.

Arts In Education

Through interdisciplinary teaching and learning, BES incorporates art education throughout daily learning activities. Artists and art instructors provide students with a diverse range of visual art, music, theatre and dance classes. Students take visual art, vocal, instrument, dance, and performing arts classes to elevate their ability to appreciate art and engage in artistic expression. The school also provides many extracurricular classes to help students develop their own artistic pursuits.

BES works closely with professional art organizations, host periodic master workshops, and allows students to interact with artists closely. We also fully utilize local educational resources such as the Red Brick Art Museum to provide additional space for expanded art exploration.

Physical Education

Based on improving physical well-being and passing on sports knowledge and skills, BES Physical Education aims to cultivate students to be positive, perseverant, and bold in taking on challenges in order to promote a healthy living style.

BES Physical Education has primary and middle school foundation courses which includes basketball, volleyball, badminton, rock-climbing, track and field etc. Additionally, we offer swimming, equestrianism, winter sports and golf by accessing community resources.

Education in Technology

BES utilizes cutting-edge technology in education and management. For example, virtual learning envirornments allow instructors and students to closely interact in class, and helps them to monitor and support the learning progress. Virtual School and other similar platforms are global learning resources that power a technology-enhanced classroom. VR, 3D printing, STEAM, Robotics, and Entrepreneurship classes will further elicit student interest in scientific exploration. In recognizing students’ unique learning styles and preferences, BES will offer a customized choice of technology.