Thank you very much for your attention to Beijing Enlighten school!
Beijing Enlighten school is an international bilingual school invested and established by Z Knowledge, which is approved by Chaoyang Education Committee and integrates kindergarten, primary school and middle school. The school will officially open in the middle of August 2020, and the enrollment range is from 5 to 15 years old.

The school adheres to the cultural essence of seeking knowledge from nature, drawing on the educational concepts and practical achievements of China and the world, bringing together outstanding teachers and management teams from home and abroad, and working together with students and parents to create a learning community where Chinese and Western cultures coexist harmoniously and Chinese and western education complement each other. Based on the implementation of China’s national curriculum, the school creatively integrates IB PYP / MYP curriculum concept and teaching strategy, and is committed to cultivating creators of the future era and leaders of harmonious development of the world.

We sincerely welcome you to apply for Beijing Enlighten school. Become a member of Z Knowledge family. Please fill in the application form of “enrollment consultation”, our enrollment team will do its best to assist you and contact you within 24 hours.

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